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About us

GMS Panel established with G.M. M.TONTAŞ partnership in 2012 to be an example of the market. As a requirement of perfection, with experience since 1998, what we want to do in the past, we started to build at GMS Panel. GMS Panel offers to solution partners, the highest standards of production that felts discipline and quality as soon as they enter to facilities. "Tool Works, Hands Prides" all the tools and equipment used for manufacturing and testing are the latest technology and quality. They specially designed or has been brought. GMS Board selects all materials that used at products according to reasonable prices, un-malfunctioning and long life-time. You can see the quality of the products at GMS Label that you cannot see at other companies whether they avoid high price or inexperience. GMS Panel deals long-lasting agreements with partners. Once we started to work it long lasting, probably the because of interests to workplace, workers and customers. We convey the latest regulations required by the standard and technology to Solution Partners, engineers and our colleagues. We advise the correction that needs to be done in this frame. Our facilities both examined by domestic & foreign partners, prides has taken with yours that has been told to us they have never saw a facility like this. GMS Panel, delivered products at high standards even the customers requests at minimum standards, despite their low price policy. This behavior has already won the hearts of customers. GMS Board employees, looks all the agreements made for lifetime and show attention to all products.

Our Mission

We commit to provide,

our high quality products

with the last technology

the highest standarts

the shortest time

the best possible price

%100 percent quality controlled

And “0” mistake.

Our vision 

To create a global trade mark and to be the first choice..


Worldwide solution partner

This sentence is more than a slogan, it is a concept, a philosophy to serve customers and to offer them the best solutions at all times. This concept helps to grow up, to win worldwide success and to rivet the global leadership of GMS PANEL that is a Tuskish Company. "The solution worldwide partner means to be on the same frequency with customers, to understand their needs and to provide fast and accurate global solutions that enable the world's most competitive and updated technology to them.


This principle comes with hard work, dedication, moral values, transparency and obtained by seeing what is coming.

Cooperation with customers

Serve customers, work collaboratively for understanding their needs and providing it, to provide the fast and accurate solutions.

Close to market

Beyond providing power distribution and control products, GMS Board's competities, comes from knowing preferences and the objectives of customers, to understand their needs and behavior styles and revenue to offer innovative solutions.


To fight with the most difficult situations in the industry, gms panel provides, innovations, design, performance, durability and low maintenance costs with complete solution.


New ideas, creativity, innovation, and today's solutions to improve their business customers.


GMS Board is building a company with its quality and experiences, that offering the best solutions to customers wherever they may be where the expertise of the industry's largest

İnsanlar fark yaratır

Şirketin başarısı için dayanak aldığı temel değerlerden biri de, ilerlemesine ve büyümesine katkıda bulunan kişilerin adanmışlığı ve yetenekleridir. GMS Pano her bir bireyin müşteri memnuniyetini garantileme, şirketin yenilikçiliğini teşvik etme ve karlı bir çıktı elde etme bütününün bir parçası olduğunu anlar. Takımı bütünleşmiş bir tavır ile çalışır, aynı yüksek kaliteyi dünya çapında korur.

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